Antiques For Sale Online – How and Where to Buy

Antiquing has become a popular hobby for many. The Internet has made antiquing even more exciting because of the access it gives you from all over the world. You could have a beautiful antique in your home from clear across the world without even stepping out of your home.

There are a variety of places that have antiques for sale online; however, it is important to be careful when going this route. While the Internet does open the door to a world of possibilities when it comes to antiquing, you must know what to look for before making a final purchase. There are just too many scammers out there ready to take advantage of novice antique hunters.


The most important thing you will do is to do your homework. Know the reputation of the company by researching reviews and their processing procedures. If a company will not give you direct contact information so that you can actually talk to them, look the other way. If the company cannot provide you with extra pictures of an antique, move onto the next site.

A reputable company will be more than happy to talk with you and send you detailed pictures of a particular piece. Make sure they send you pictures of the front, back, top, underneath, and inside.

Make sure the company has a refund policy. You should be able to return an item within a reasonable amount of time. If they do not allow this, then absolutely do not purchase from this company.

How to Identify Reproductions

The difficult part about antiquing online is the fact that you cannot hold the piece to examine it. Therefore, you must learn some ways to identify the piece you are interested in by looks. The two most noticeable ways to tell if the item is a reproduction is to:

  • Look for signs of age – Depending on the type of antique you are collecting, there are different things to look for. For furniture, you should see signs of cracking, warping, and fading because true wood will shrink over time. Look for slightly ragged edges since the piece will have been made by a handsaw. For other antiques, such as china and books, you will have a hard time distinguishing age by the picture. You will need to do some further investigating and ask direct questions pertaining to age to the seller.
  • Look for imperfections – This also depends on the type of antique you are purchasing. For furniture, you will want to see a few imperfections. This indicates it is a true antique because a handmade piece of furniture could not be perfect. However, for books and china, you will not want to see imperfections, as this will lower their value.

Regardless of the type of antique you are researching, any reputable seller will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. If you are just beginning your ventures with antiquing, you may wish to ask an antique expert to help you make a decision on whether a piece is real or fake.

Making the Purchase

Once you have determined that you are sure the item is truly antique, it will be time to make a purchase. Each company will have its own policy and purchasing procedures. However, here are some general tips to making an online purchase:

  • Consider the shipping prices. To help reduce these costs, look for sellers in your region. For places like eBay, try to find sellers who use blanket-wrap shipping services.
  • Never use a wire transfer company to pay for a purchase. A wire transfer company is not safe when you are paying someone you don’t know. PayPal seems to be the method of choice for many companies and buyers as they provide protection of the money.
  • Do not make the purchase if when you get to a specific place in the transaction it states, “Items are not the seller’s responsibility once dispatched.” If you see this, you can either stop the transaction or contact your Chamber of Commerce for the rules in your country.
  • Read everything, including the little print. Don’t fall victim of someone’s scam. It always seems to be in the small print where no-one likes to read where they will get you if they are not reputable.

Where to Buy Antiques Online

There are tons of sites out there ready to captivate you with their beautiful antiques. It is important that you take the steps necessary to protect yourself at all times. The following are a list of places to consider shopping; however, they have not been researched. You should always do the research on your own to ensure a safe transaction.


These are just a few places of hundreds to find on the Internet. You can buy antiques online safely if you do your research of not only the company, but the antique. Know what you are looking for, and you can enjoy antiques from all over the world.

Antique Furniture Value

The first thing that most antique people are interested – is the VALUE of antique! You might ask why, but the answer lies in the question. Antiques are antiques, if they offer great value and contribution to owner. Most of the time antique value is determined by supply and demand on the market.

Supply and demand is simple. You have something very old and unique, preserved if possible, you have yourself a true antique furniture of great money worth. As you may know the world of antiques is vast. Finding antique that offers uniqueness, quality and age is not an easy task.

The first steps should be determining the type of antique, after that head for the most respected style (Victorian, Queen Anne, French, German, Holland, and lots more). After that go for it. Try to get yourself antique that brings satisfaction for your needs. The info that you were collecting should give you an edge when making a deal. Useful informations such as: antique American furniture is much more rare than English antique furniture. One fact that confirms my words is that most of valuable antiques from American history are in museums or in private collectors hands. And as we learned earlier, rarity does effect the demand and in the final cut the asking price.

So you must be asking yourself what am I looking for? Just to give an example try to look for an alternative. The one like 17th century furniture from the States that looks like English antique furniture crafted 50 years earlier. Why? Because it looks remarkably similar. This time lag continues throughout the majority of the 18th century. The vast majority of the settlers of the New World were from England. It’s only natural they would copy the fashionable furniture of that country.

Now how to determine your furniture value?

It is quite easy to determine the antiques provenance and condition, but when it comes to rarity and quality are quite hard for even the most cunning minds out there. I do not mean that for a novice antique hunter this is impossible. But I am saying that it is more time consumable. In order to get those two demands in line you need lot and lots of research and maybe even expert help advice. Needless to say that I forgot patina, color and finish as a secondary criteria for determining the antiques furniture value. As you can se many factors can make your antique priced more or even less that you might have thought. Keep in mind on suggestions such as: – vigorous carving on a piece of American Chippendale antique furniture generally increases its value – keep in mind that more ornate design need more handwork, thus increasing its value as well – delicate additions and fancy framework gives also some edge when it comes to price – size is not always advantage, if antique furniture is too big than it loses desirability a so on.

When trying to find valuable antique furniture think also on its usability not just beauty that is my advice to bring with you when going to antique hunting. Most information on antiques you can get from the specialized forums and discussion board or even few good sites. Bear in mind that experience wise you can always use some additional help from an antique expert.

All in all, your antique findings are going to be the product of your research and overall involvement. The stuff from assessing the condition of antique to determining authenticity, thus in order to get a good bargain you need to know the market supply and demand.

How Many Years Does it Take to Be an Antique?

How many years does it take a piece to be an antique? If you have some old pieces in your collection you should consider the potential value, you may be sitting on a fortune. Carry on reading this article and we will tell you how many years it takes to be an antique plus how to get the best price for your collection.

How Many Years Is Antique?

The dictionary describes an antique as “a piece of furniture, tableware or the like, made at a much earlier period than the present.” It is commonplace to recognize an antique as over 100 years but this timescale is sometimes disputed by experts with items aged between 50 and 80 years often being classified as antique.

What Do People Want?

Before trying to price an antique you need to know about it, otherwise you may fall foul of an astute buyer or dealer. You should find out as much as you can so you are aware of a realistic selling price by answering the following questions:

Is your piece desirable? Is it commonplace or rare? Is it well looked after? What is the history of the piece? Where was it made? And by who? Are they desirable manufacturers?

To find out this information look for manufacturers markings and then research the piece in books from your local library or increasingly on the internet. Also speak to the person you got the piece from as they may have clues as to its history.

If you can’t find any information you can always visit a local antiques roadshow or take it to a local dealer. Often here you will be able to get a free price estimate, but be aware that upon auction prices can vary wildly.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Antiques

Of course the condition and rarity are the main factors with antiques but a smart seller can increase his chances of getting a good price by being proactive.

Gain as much information about the item as this will help you in two ways:

  • it will appear you are knowledgeable in antiques so you are less likely to be bamboozled by dealers
  • you can ‘sell’ the item to a potential buyer by being able to ‘paint a picture’ of it.

Buyers are not just after something that will look nice in their house they are trying to find something unique and with a history, that they can tell their friends about.

Now you have the sales patter you should try to find your own buyers. Of course a local auction is a good start or better still eBay is great place to get an immediate worldwide audience. Why not list your antique on eBay and then visit the internet forums and social groups and chat to people. You will be able to find groups dedicated to your exact style of antique.

This will greatly increase your chances of finding a buyer and teach you more about antiques into the bargain. You can then add a link to your listing, but remember direct selling in forums is frowned upon so join in the discussion and people will quickly start to check out your link.

Now you know how many years does it take to be an antique, you can get the best price for your items and start to become and expert in this vibrant and exciting hobby of antiques. You may even decide that you want to start trading antiques to make a tidy income.

7 Reasons Why Antique Hunters Love Antiquing

Antiques are generally a wise, enjoyable and satisfying investment. You can also find antiquing a terrific way to invest your time. It doesn’t matter if you are buying antiques for personal reasons or for making money, antiques can be fantastic investments and you can have them around for hundreds of years.

Antiques are collected for a lot of varying reasons. These reasons are as numerous as the individuals who are acquiring them.

– A good number of antique enthusiasts simply love the historical past.
– Many like to become familiar with and also to understand the reason a specific object was developed. They also want to discover how it was used or even who previously used it.
– Others are captivated by the ways in which the world and technological know-how has developed as well as improved.
– Some people think that through acquiring items out of the past they are somehow linked to a past time in which they think they would have loved to live.
– Some individuals pick up antiques just for the challenge. These people get a lot of enjoyment out of discovering what is to be found in any given second hand shop, garage sale or even estate auction. This has been embellished in a couple popular movies.
– Some antique collectors challenge themselves on their ability to get the very best deals as well as the rarest objects. Both are important elements in order to becoming successful in the antiques business.
– At the same time, some antique dealers merely put money into antiques for the profit. These people have discovered a business that they consider themselves very capable of. Even though I really don’t believe that there’s anybody around that couldn’t work with antiques without becoming fascinated with their historical past as well as the excitement associated with the hunt. There are a few antique retailers though that concentrate much more on the actual dollars and cents associated with the business. These individuals are usually the sales people. They understand how to buy something plus effectively market it for their financial gain. The ideal antique dealers are usually a little bit of each of these blended together.

Antique hunters hunt for many different types of antique items. A few of the most popular things to look for tend to be pottery, china, home furniture, books as well as glass ware. However most things that are more than 100 years of age are regarded as an antique which means that just about anything is collectible. Even though anything may be collected as being an antique, this doesn’t imply that there’s a market currently through which you could re-sell it and make money. If you find absolutely no interest in your merchandise, the probabilities are that you’ll not make any money from it. Nevertheless for those who are less keen on generating a earnings and a bit more enthusiastic about their personal satisfaction, it’s possible that just about anything could be an antique collectible.

Men and women collect such things as books, coins, automobiles as well as toys together with a great many other items. The secret is to really understand what you’re trying to collect. In the event that you are looking at collecting toys you really should understand which types of toys are truly worth purchasing, also, if they are rare or not. You will also need to discover how to differentiate between reproduction toys and the real deal. For example a reproduction Barbie doll will certainly not sell for much in comparison to a genuine antique doll.

Antiquing is truly a wonderful and enjoyable way of spending your leisure time. But with some know how, you could also make this hobby into a profitable full time career.

Let Your Life Shine With Antiquity

Antiques are the buzzword when it comes to exquisite home decoration. Antiques might have lost momentarily to the instant charm of modern furniture but they are surely making a strong comeback and making their presence felt in the extremely competitive furniture market. Antiques, however, have a niche market that does not feel the heat of competition because the art lovers are present in sufficient numbers to appreciate the pristine glory of antique furniture.

Antique furniture makes for a perfect drawing room or bedroom. In fact, antique furniture is available in such diverse forms and content that the antique dealers have almost everything for every part of the home. The artistic touch of Amish handcrafted furniture is, in itself, a sight to behold. The Antique Oak furniture can be a piece of decoration as well as the normal utility item, like beds. Such is the grace of Amish furniture that buyers often have to wait for their turn to buy Amish made furniture. This is because the Amish artisans take a long time to finish just one piece of furniture due to the craftiness involved in the process of manufacture.

Possessing antique furniture is a matter of pride for the owners. It took the care and maintenance by generations to preserve their beloved furniture article. And why not? After all, their antique furniture still shines bright amidst the cacophony of modern day furniture. Who can forget the charm of grand pianos and old billiards tables?

Antiques present us with an opportunity to connect with history. Our grandparents have memories and stories attached to the antique furniture items. Each story is worth a million dollars because it is associated with someone you love – your grandparents and of course, the antique furniture. The entire nostalgia surrounding antique furniture is mesmerizing. An antique furniture piece can easily establish a bond with even the one who is not so familiar with its history. Every antique tells its own story, the story about its maker and the story about its origin and journey. The markings on these pieces such as dates, signatures, embossing, embellishments take us back in ancient times. The feeling is close to reliving the history and trying to, somehow, relate to our ancestors.

The importance of antique furniture is often realized from the adornments of official government buildings. It shows the amount of respect the nation has for its history and the historically relevant furniture items. It might seem absurd to our generation but antiques, contrary to popular belief, can never be said to have lived their lives. Their lure is forever etched in the memories of those who want to preserve the golden memories.

Fortunate are those who possess antique furniture. But the non-possessors need not lose heart. Exquisite antique furniture is available with antique dealers as well as online antique furniture shops. Due to a higher value attached to the antique furniture, it has been observed that certain tricksters have started duping the vulnerable buyers who cannot differentiate between an antique and a fake. Extreme caution should be exercised while buying antique furniture, either online or offline.